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 Welcome To The Board! PLEASE READ FIRST!

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PostSubject: Welcome To The Board! PLEASE READ FIRST!   Sat 22 Mar 2008, 2:13 am

Hello and Welcome!

I am the Admin of this site

This is a club to discuss...subjects...that you know what I am talking about! Here we can just come right out and say what we feel and not be embarrassed about what others may think. What comes into the is board never comed out.

Please do not jugde others thoughts
Never talk about the things discussed out side of these walls
Have Fun!!

When you have questions dont be afriad to p.m. (private message) me( .:prettypinkballetshoes:.) I will get back to your as soon as possible with any question whatsoever and since i have had experience with this format of forum I know many answers to your problems.

Welcome to the Board!
Very Happy your Admin, Amy


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Welcome To The Board! PLEASE READ FIRST!
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