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 How to...get a signature

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How to...get a signature Empty
PostSubject: How to...get a signature   How to...get a signature EmptySat 22 Mar 2008, 7:17 am

signatures (picture or words below posts)-
A- Picture
1. find a picture from google, or anywhere and like above copy the url
2. come back to the site
3. click profile then signature
4. past the code in the text box
5. highlight code and hit the image button (the one with the tree on it)
6. save
B- Words
1. click profile then signature
2. in text box type what you would like
3. save

How to...get a signature ICONATOR_b90b61f69447b3b571f626b7aa5f5c82
How to...get a signature Summertime
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How to...get a signature
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